Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Go Slow"

There are no cars on Caye Caulker, except for a few delivery trucks, and the motto of the island is "Go Slow." Kim arranged for us to have bicycles for the month so that we could get around like all of the other locals. Our 'no helmet = no wheels' rule that we were adamant about in Chicago has fallen completely to the wayside. Most of the locals ride barefoot, so I'm sure helmets aren't even a consideration!
It rained on and off all day today, so it was a good day to hop on the bikes to explore some areas of the island. The kids were so happy to have the freedom to ride their bikes down the middle of the street without helmets! Caroline's bike is just a tad bit too big for her, but she is using her iron will to overcome it - she does not want any help getting on/off her bike. Riding through the village today, I had to chuckle to myself watching Bill and the kids in front of me. Bill was using hand signals to indicate turns, but I'm pretty sure the locals thought the crazy American was just being friendly. The only rules of the road here seem to be 'go slow' and 'watch out!'


  1. Emma and Jack want to come visit you in the jungle. They think it looks soooo awesome.

    Love Merrilynn and Darrell

  2. Judy - the Pix are terrific - you have talent! I love the idea of Bill giving biking hand signals - perfect!