Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hasta Luego, Playa Del Carmen!

In just a couple of hours, we will leave Playa del Carmen and head up the coast to Cancun for Bill's son's wedding (on the 5th of September). It is a bittersweet morning - we are so very excited for Matt and Jackie and cannot wait for Jackie to become an official part of our family, but we are a bit sad to leave Playa. Despite it's changes and growth, we have enjoyed a lovely, restful 2 weeks here. We found some fantastic restaurants (small, local, out of the way - like we like them), met some wonderful people and stayed in an adorable hotel that we were able to treat like a home. It has been bliss.

As we leave Playa del Carmen, though, I cannot help feeling the way I do when I look at old pictures of my children. I want to hold it by it's face and scream, "Stop growing! You are perfect - I want to remember you just the way you were when you were still young and innocent."


  1. Roo has seen more countries than Boop-Boop and Apie :)

  2. Wanted you to see the feature: