Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Neighbors

We discovered a family of iguanas living under our house! So far, we have seen 5, but there may be more. They are huge - certainly not the cute little geckos we have seen in Mexico! In fact, when he first discovered them, Henry ran into the house and yelled, "Mom! There's a Komodo Dragon in our yard! Come See!"

The iguanas seem to favor the hot, sunny climate of the island. We didn't see them at all yesterday when it rained. Much to our delight, they were much more active today as the sun reappeared and it was very HOT!

Attaching our house to the front gate is a beautiful flower covered trellis where the iguanas like to hang out. Once we realized that the flora ended before it reached our deck, and the iguanas, therefore, wouldn't be able to reach us, we were excited about the opportunity to get a closer view of the lizards.

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