Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What a difference a day makes!

We made it to the beach yesterday. Swimming is best at an area of the island called "The Split," which separates the north and south ends of the island. Though the beaches are not expansive oases like many other places, they are calm, serene and covered in white sand. Henry decided that he is not a huge fan of salt water because he was too stubborn to wear his goggles and the salt made his eyes burn (imagine that). I was pleased to learn that the salt water made me more buoyant and I was able to float for the first time in my life (seriously!). Caroline and Bill were just happy to 'be.'

Perhaps not the smartest move of my life, I decided to get into the island spirit and have my hair braided. Miriam, the girl who did the braiding, suckered me into it by giving me some sob story about needing the money to pay for her kids' school supplies. Yah, right.

O!M!G! Most. Painful. Thing. Ever. Most of the time, I had my finger nails dug into my leg to keep from tearing up in front of the kids. Then, to add salt to the wounds, when I got home and in front of a mirror, I realized that the braids only accentuated my gray hair! By the end of dinner, I had already ripped the braids out to relieve my pounding headache! I won't make that mistake again!

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  1. juju, i remember when you gave me braids when i was in 4th grade. it hurt so bad. i was afraid when i took it out you were going to be upset so i left them if for probably two weeks too long. anyway, i feel you pain:) but i did think i was the coolest at the time. let me know if you ever want me to return the favor. i'll be gentle. xo